Studio Etiquette

Please keep the following in mind as you arrive.

How early should I arrive before the scheduled class starts?

What do I need to know prior to any Yoga class?

Am I wearing deodorant?

Please apply an unscented deodorant. Do not wear perfume or scented lotions.

Is my yoga mat clean?

Your mat can be a haven for bacteria so it should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Sometimes your mat can smell worse than anything else. If you use one of ours, please clean it before and after practice. 

Am I healthy?

Please do not come to class if you are unwell. While yoga may help flush out toxins, keep in mind others are breathing deeply along with you. This is not an appropriate environment to be in if you are in an infectious or contagious condition.

Please keep this information in mind when attending all of our Blue Owl Yoga classes. Practicing yoga has many wonderful effects on the body and mind. When we practice being more aware of our breath and our bodies, our other senses become heightened as well. Our goal at Blue Owl Yoga is to provide a safe space for our community to move together, connect and find their path on their yoga journey. We appreciate your consideration!