Pay It Forward Yoga Scholarship


At Blue Owl Yoga we realize individuals in our community find themselves making tough choices in the way they lead their lives. Whether cutting expenses or finding new ways to make a living, there is a collective burden we are all experiencing. The goal of the Pay It Forward Yoga Scholarship is to raise funds to offer yoga to aspiring yogis who cannot afford the cost of classes, for whatever reason.

Donations may be made as a one-time gift or whatever works for you. Any amount you can donate will be put to good use and greatly appreciated. (Please note that Blue Owl Yoga does not issue a tax-deductible receipt for donations, as Blue Owl Yoga is a for-profit organization. However, your donation might give you the good karma of selfless contribution.)

If you would like to contribute to the Pay It Forward Scholarship, please contact Julie Neighbors.

How the scholarship works:

Our scholarship fund is limited by the donations and grants that we receive. If you wish to receive a scholarship, you must complete the application provided. This is an honor-based program, and though we will gather basic information for our records, your identity will remain private unless you express a desire to share your experience as a recipient. Blue Owl Yoga cannot guarantee everyone who applies will receive a scholarship. However, we know most people have trouble asking for their needs in the first place, so please apply!

For each $20 raised, a scholarship will provide two class vouchers. Students may receive up to 24 class vouchers per year.


Applications for yoga class vouchers will be reviewed quarterly, and submission deadlines are as follows:

· Application due December 31st – Awarded January 10th

· Application due March 31st – Awarded April 10th

· Application due June 30th – Awarded July 10th

· Application due September 30th – Awarded October 10th

Submit completed applications via email to

THANK YOU for your generosity and support. Donations are NOT tax-deductible.